I just got back to LA after a rainy drive back (thank you for always driving Chris!) after spending the weekend at beautiful sprawling Rancho Valencia. It’s been such a strangely long time since I was last in San Diego and getting to visit my old favorite spots and stay at this most luxurious of ranchos was so exactly my mood.
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Project Detail
March 26, 2015
Marques’Almeida and Craig Green

The fact that it was raining semi-nonstop took a couple activity options off the agenda but also just made having all breakfasts fireside more obligatory. We had such a relaxing, cozy time – if you can at all make it here you should. Seriously, the yoga studio has a legit moat. Thank you to the super friendly Rancho Valencia crew for having us !

I was beyond late to NYFW this season due to having fittings and meetings for AYAI but was really happy to make the last few days and still get to see some of my favorite designers show. That said, putting this post together is making me curl up a little more intensely in my blanket in my 76 degree living room. Such cold air particles. I genuinely think this trip marked my first experience with the Fahrenheit reading of three and marked the appearance of a new ability to go through 8 pocket warmers a day. Thank you to the Mondrian Soho for taking care of me and being close to enough places that I didn’t really need to venture that far from a small area. Can’t wait to be back in NY when it’s more habitable!